Feeling Blue

I am feeling blue right now. I have been in this state for a couple of days now because I was not able to get the job that I have been longing sinxce I was in college. I applied as a marketing officer of a retail brand but they have not called since. I remember I was wearing my corporate atture, my hair tied in a bun, I got my suitcase with me and I rtopped off ny look with a nice, classy Zegarki wood watch.


However, I think the compaby saw a potential candidate and ai was not able to fit in the position. I just jnow it as they have not called me since. I am now looking ay job openings in other companies and I am praying that they will call me for an interview. I am very excited to work in the corporate world since ai have been looking for a job for quite some time now. I dream to become a marketing manager one day of a known brand because it is my paasion.  Please wish me luck guys!


Great Ideas to Find The Perfect Gift For Your Husband

Ladies, if you’re anything like me, you have a very hard time buying gifts for your husband on his birthday. Unless it’s one of those years where he absent-mindedly said exactly what he wanted and you clocked it, it can be very difficult, can’t it? I’m not the only one, am I? I think that this is a

common thing for a lot of women? I think it’s also difficult for husbands, by the way, no matter how many hits we suddenly leave behind, or not so subtly!, this year, if you are anything like me, I have a big suggestion. Actually, I have to suggestions. If you want to buy your husband something that he can take out into the nature, while he’s hunting or fishing, you should go to a website called the Survival Cooking, which is just the best.

They give these amazing reviews of all the different coolers and Tents and grills and stuff like that, which are just so helpful for someone like us who doesn’t actually know that much about this stuff. They review it very earnestly and I have to say that the writing is some of the best I’ve ever seen in my life when it comes to this type of genre. However, if you wanted to do something a little more sentimental, have you thought about a watch? I bought my husband a watch after I started searching around for the best watches under 500. I saw some that were just so beautiful that I couldn’t say no. I have to say, my husband is not the kind of guy who you would think to buy a watch for, but he was thrilled.

We will have a meeting with a Vancouver realtor named Dave Jenkins but it will also coincide with my husband’s birthday. I was thinking that after the meeting, I will give my present to him so he will be surprised!

So, if you need advice, there it is!

A fan serum

I am a big fan of this specific Vitamin c serum for face. Yes, people have actually told me that I glow, which I do not believe, until I look at myself in the mirror and I see it too. Yeah, I’ve been so used to being ugly and feeling bad about my skin that when people complimented I think that they’re insulting me at first, and then I realized that it probably does look good. And then I look at myself in the mirror and I feel so much confidence and that carries over for days and days and days until I just get used to feeling and looking good, but then I’m still taking off guard when people complimented because I just went through so many years of having bad skin. It’s certainly an up-and-down type of thing, doesn’t it sound like it but there’s no denying that my skin is looking and feeling better than it ever has, there’s literally no denying it, I had scars that used to be way more severe, acne scars, that had just been making me feel so bad about the way that I looked for so long, and now they’re almost gone. They at least are hidden by the health of the rest of my skin, which isn’t affected by the same lack of Health that cause the acne scars and has existed since, it’s not like I didn’t take care of my skin, it’s just such a losing battle, and you end up buying so many different expensive products and some of them work for one thing and not the other thing, some of them get rid of acne but dry out your skin and cause scarring on the acne that gets rid of, things like that.



Dating Apps 101

Are you looking for the one? Do you want to meet him or her now? Or are you the one who just want to meet poeple, date them, get to know them, without strings attached?

There are a lot of business websites and apps too which offers dating services. There, you can meet people who suits your interests who you can possible date with.

Just a few tips though for you:

Do not let he/him know about your personal information without getting to know him more

Do not reveal too many secrets

Be wary of red flags.

Always be in the lookout of bad signs that tell he might not be the one you are looking for.

Here are the types of dating apps today where the young generation, even the adults ones, around the world use to meet their prospective significant other.