Five Types of Archery Quivers


Archery quivers are designed to hold your arrows or crossbow bolts. There are different types of quivers that you can use. Some of the most common include solid mount, detachable, and backpack quivers. This article will discuss some of the different types of archery quivers.
Solid Mount

Solid mount archery quivers are designed to attach to your bow permanently. They don’t rattle and cause noise like some other types. This type of quiver is best used in open areas. If you use the archery quivers in more confined areas, your arrows may get caught in the brush. This type of quiver will also affect the balance of your bow, so you may have a hard time shooting accurately.


There are also archery quivers that can be detached from your bow. You will be able to remove the quiver from your bow easily when you get to your treestand. Detachable archery quivers are usually inexpensive and are capable of carrying a lot of weight. However, like solid mount designs, detachable quivers will also affect the balance of your bow whenever they are attached.


There are also archery quivers that are designed to be carried on your back like a backpack ( see post about The PNW Ultralight Backpack). The fletchings of the arrows are typically exposed so that you can retrieve them better. Although backpack archery quivers are suitable for hunting purposes, you won’t be able to sit down in the field with them on your back. You may also have trouble reaching around to your back to retrieve your arrows.


Shoulder archery quivers are the most traditional. However, they are slowly being disregarded as they present a lot of problems for the archer. Shoulder archery quivers make a lot of noise and can easily get caught on brush. Also, you will have to move your hand a lot to retrieve arrows, which may scare your target off.


The final type of quiver is designed to attach to the belt around your waist. They should also be attached to your thigh so they don’t swing around while you walk. Since these archery quivers aren’t attached to the bow, they won’t affect balance. These types of quivers also don’t make as much noise.

These are some of the different types of archery quivers. Detachable designs can easily be removed from your bow whenever you reach your treestand. Archery quivers that mount on your belt won’t affect the balance of your bow and won’t produce as much noise as other designs.

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