Benefits of Bumpy Name Orbit Labels for Organization and Safety


As the mother of four, I am always looking for ways to get and stay organized. Being a concerned parent, I also want to keep my children safe. Bumpy Name Orbit Labels help me to do all of these things. Here is why every parent needs Bumpy Name Orbit Labels.

If you have ever been to a play date or the sitter’s house and wondered which child had the red sippy cup, then you will immediately see the value in the Bumpy Name Orbit Labels. At one time, a few friends of mine would bring their little ones over for a visit. We may have had seven kids in the house at a time. Who had the Gerber bottles? Was this Andy’s jar of Hawaiian Delight, or maybe it was Monique’s? Bumpy Name Orbit Labels takes the guess work out of this situation.

The labels by Inch Bug are colorful, easy to read, and tactile for the visually impaired. You will never wonder again who’s items belong to which child.


The Bumpy Name Orbit Labels are made from safe, durable material. They can safely be boiled and sterilized. They can even be put in the microwave oven with no problems.

The Bumpy Name Orbit Labels won’t peel off like sticky labels. Your inquisitive toddler won’t be able to rip it off the drinking glass. These Bumpy Name Orbit Labels are made to last for years to come. Originally designed by a mom, they are stretchy and grow with your child from bottle to sipper cup. They can even be used on large water bottles or shampoo for overnight trips with your older children. My kid, who’s attending school at Kinderopvang Leiden, always uses this one.


Bumpy Name Orbit Labels can be used as an educational tool to practice associating letters to words. Your youngster will quickly learn that the letters “Kevin” are on his cup. Parents can begin to teach the child the names of the letters and word recognition with the labels. Also, Braille is included on the Bumpy Name Orbit Labels. Visually impaired children will be able to experience Braille from an early age. Sighted children can learn about the tactile methods used by others.

The Bumpy Name Labels come in different colors. Very young children can learn to distinguish their cup from their sister’s cup by the color. Parents can teach their child about blue or green, for example. These labels are a great way to introduce kids to colors, letters, Braille, and personal items.

Alternative Uses

Bumpy Name Orbit Labels were originally designed to fit snugly on a standard four ounce bottle for babies, but they can do so much more. The labels are also perfect for older kids, too. The next time your daughter heads out on an overnight with her Girl Scout troop, label her shampoo, body wash, or vitamins. There will be no question of whose items belong to which of the ladies in the group.

Use a recycled Pringles container as a pencil holder, Hot Wheels caddy, or craft container while traveling or at school. Mark each of your child’s containers with the Bumpy Name Orbit Labels.

Blind or visually impaired people could use the Bumpy Name Orbit Labels to mark their cans, drinks, or conditioner. Having their name in Braille on their item can be very handy. I know when I am at a picnic where everyone’s glasses are scattered around the table, it is handy to put my hand on my cup and drink with confidence knowing which cup is mine without needing to ask.

There are so many benefits to the Bumpy Name Orbit Labels. Check them out at

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