Five Types of Archery Quivers


Archery quivers are designed to hold your arrows or crossbow bolts. There are different types of quivers that you can use. Some of the most common include solid mount, detachable, and backpack quivers. This article will discuss some of the different types of archery quivers.
Solid Mount

Solid mount archery quivers are designed to attach to your bow permanently. They don’t rattle and cause noise like some other types. This type of quiver is best used in open areas. If you use the archery quivers in more confined areas, your arrows may get caught in the brush. This type of quiver will also affect the balance of your bow, so you may have a hard time shooting accurately.


There are also archery quivers that can be detached from your bow. You will be able to remove the quiver from your bow easily when you get to your treestand. Detachable archery quivers are usually inexpensive and are capable of carrying a lot of weight. However, like solid mount designs, detachable quivers will also affect the balance of your bow whenever they are attached.


There are also archery quivers that are designed to be carried on your back like a backpack ( see post about The PNW Ultralight Backpack). The fletchings of the arrows are typically exposed so that you can retrieve them better. Although backpack archery quivers are suitable for hunting purposes, you won’t be able to sit down in the field with them on your back. You may also have trouble reaching around to your back to retrieve your arrows.


Shoulder archery quivers are the most traditional. However, they are slowly being disregarded as they present a lot of problems for the archer. Shoulder archery quivers make a lot of noise and can easily get caught on brush. Also, you will have to move your hand a lot to retrieve arrows, which may scare your target off.


The final type of quiver is designed to attach to the belt around your waist. They should also be attached to your thigh so they don’t swing around while you walk. Since these archery quivers aren’t attached to the bow, they won’t affect balance. These types of quivers also don’t make as much noise.

These are some of the different types of archery quivers. Detachable designs can easily be removed from your bow whenever you reach your treestand. Archery quivers that mount on your belt won’t affect the balance of your bow and won’t produce as much noise as other designs.

The Five Basic Essentials of Great Website Promotion Start with Excellent Web Design


To cut right to the chase, there are five prime factors in determining a web site’s success or failure. These elements are greatly overlooked by all the tech gurus out there who espouse complicated theories about using the exact keywords and Meta tags in your main page to guarantee a great placement on Google or Lycos. But what they are missing out on is the fact that you need a great web site foundation to build on first before you can even begin to think about that #1 ranking in Google that will allow your web site to rake in thousands of dollars per day in AdSense revenue. Let’s go over five basic key steps you will need to develop that very important foundation for your online business or blog site to succeed before you can launch a serious web site promotion campaign.
1. MAKE SURE YOUR SITE’S CONTENT IS POPULAR ENOUGH TO GENERATE SUBSTANTIAL HITS This topic has been written about many times over, but it is important to discuss here as well. Your overall site topic or subject must be popular enough with the general internet public so that it can one day make enough money to sustain itself, so be sure you actually love the topic you have designed your site around. Why do you need to find a topic that holds your interest and is popular enough to attract thousands of visitors per day? Because of the fact that you will have to spend a LOT more time with the web site than you ever thought possible going in to this new venture.

Building and sustaining a growing web site takes real tenacity and burning ambition to not only write for, but to go out in cyber world and promote for hours on end every single day. The best way to start this promotion of your site that will end in success, is to generate compelling content so others will see your topic through your eyes only, and nobody else’s. That’s the #1 way to get great word of mouth about a site. And great word of mouth is worth more than a million dollars in lottery tickets as far as insuring your web site’s ultimate success.

2. MAKE SURE SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS ON YOUR MAIN PAGE DO NOT EXIST A really lousy written main home page is the single biggest site killer there is as far as pulling web subscribers to your site goes. Nobody likes to take the time and effort to figure out exactly what you meant by the phrase “She was ‘gripeeing’ about the fact that her boyfriend had no money left to spend on her after paying for movie tickets”. See how that sentence makes no sense? How about this one: “She was griping about the fact that her boyfriend had no money left to spend on her after paying for movie tickets.” Now you can see how just one word that was misspelled can drive a reader crazy when trying to figure out the context and meaning of a sentence.

You don’t want a web visitor to your site to feel any frustration in trying to understand what your great content is espousing, so by all means, spell check EVERY sentence and phrase you put on all of your pages before uploading them to your main site. You must also make sure that your content flows along nicely with a heading and sub-heading at the top of all paragraphs to make the content more web-friendly to generate a lot more subscribers to your web site. For some information regarding getting web hosting, click on Canadian web hosting reviews.

3. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CONTENT IS ACCESSIBLE By being accessible, I mean that if your site has a category listing called “Top Blog Tips”, when the web viewer clicks on that listing he must be taken directly to the top of that paragraph to read the article, and then he must have the ability to click on another category and go to the top of that article page just as quickly. Internet users are very twitchy when it comes to reading web pages, so you must design those pages to be quickly navigable for all of the impatient web readers out there, or pretty soon you won’t have a web site to promote to anybody anymore.

4. I F YOU HAVE ANY BROKEN LINKS OR IMAGES FIX THEM IMMEDIATELY Bad links are very prevalent in a lot of lousy web site designs being built today. The web designers usually chalk up bad links as the “other guys” fault, so they just move on to designing the next page. Bad idea. By leaving a broken link on one of your main content pages, that sets up a very bad professional image in the mind of your web visitor. A really good site maintenance schedule for your site is a great idea to eradicate this major problem.

There are a lot of free software programs out there that allow you to check for all broken links on your site automatically. You can use this on a weekly schedule to scan all of your pages for broken links, and then when you find one, just delete that link and find a similar one to replace it with, or just get rid of it altogether. Believe me, you’re a lot better off without it.

5. MAKE SURE YOUR LOAD TIME IS AT A MINIMUM Not everybody out there has a cable modem or a dsl line that they can access for quick web pages, so don’t assume that your own web site pages will load at the same quick speed for everybody else that will be viewing your web pages. Being aware of that fact is the only way for you to make sure you don’t put a lot of unnecessarybanner ads, different font types or sound files on your main web pages that will slow down the people still using slower connection speeds.

Adding those mostly needless items will lead to a mass exodus of thousands of visitors to your site who might otherwise stick around and generate hundreds of dollars in revenue per month for your online business. When you do add a visual or audio enhancement file to your site, always ask yourself if it’s worth the risk of slowing down a few hundred people for just so another “Hostel” movie banner can be seen in full animation mode on your horror movie page in the cinema category of your web site . In the long run, you always want to make the majority of visitors to your site happy, or the time and money you used for site promotion will have been all for nothing.

Show Your 4th of July Colors with These Unique Decorating Ideas


Waving a flag around is the most common way for people to show their American colors on the 4th of July. I have some ideas, though, that are not the norm and that are sure to turn some heads!
Dye Your Hair
At any hair supply store, Hot Topic, and many other places, you can buy red or blue hair dye. If you are not blonde, do yourself a favor and get some bleach to go with it. There are lots of ways you can do this, whether you just would like one strip of hair, or your whole head done is a special color. I’ve done a lot of them, and here are some pointers: do not skimp on the bleach. It’s going to look terrible if you do. Red bleeds out of your hair a lot, so avoid white shirts and white pillowcases. Also, make sure you use lots of conditioner afterwards (color safe) to make sure that your hair stays healthy. Bleach and dye are not good for it. The best brand I’ve found was Special FX, but Manic Panic isn’t bad, either.

Dress Up Your Car
This is exactly what it looks like. Window decals, stickers, ribbons, or flags will all be displayed while you drive around. Find out if it’s legal in your area first, but many stores also carry little lights that screw onto the valves on your tires, and you can find red and blue ones. Antenna balls are also a fun addition that can be easily removed from your car.

Dress Up Your House
Again, exactly what it looks like. Put up decorations- those Christmas lights might be good for something else! Try ribbon on the stair railings, or other light touches. in the kitchen, make sure you have some nice wooden dinnerware sets to accentuate your table.

Colored Lights
Not just the Christmas lights. At many stores you can get floodlights and outside lights in different colors, including red and blue. If you have multiple outside lights, this can be a neat way to display your colors. If you have a lantern-style outside light that you don’t want to change the bulb in, try using colored cellophane.

Sidewalk Chalk
Especially good for the kids, give them the pink blue and white chalks and let them go to town on the driveway. Don’t let them play in the road though!

Your Yard
Make your yard a field of flags. (It’ll help aerate it!) If you have the time in the spring, plant red white and blue flowers where they’ll be visible. Barring these, you could also try mowing your lawn with a flag design in it- but that’ll take some planning.

Window Treatments
I wrote about some ways to make your own window treatments in another of my articles. It’s a fun, crafty way to decorate the house and show your colors. Curtains aren’t difficult to make, and thrift stores often have older curtains that are very inexpensive that can be dyed.

This one’s more common on Independence Day. Wear blue jeans, and a red or white shirt. It’s not so different from most people’s wardrobes that it’s hard to find the clothes. Most workplaces will allow or even encourage this, but check the policy where you work so that you’re not breaking any rules.

Enjoy your 4th of July and have a safe holiday.