The Field Veteran

For some people, two decades is a long time to be committed to a company and live a routine life of desk job and paper works, but for Vie known as Ma’am V within the walls of the Companies, it is not impossible if your heart truly desires what you do. A poised woman with a jolly personality, Ma’am V marks as one of the TGC’s greatest assets. With her commitment to the duty that paved her way for success 20 years ago, she has evidently come a long way, and yet, she’s not the one to back down anytime soon.

Ma’am V graduated from college with a bachelor degree in Pharmacy. Before fate led her to the company, she held a position as a medical clinician at Terramedic Inc. However, due to the lack of passion for her then work, she quit after 3 months to chase the goal that was in front her.

Just like any young fruit waiting to ripen, Ma’am V was also once a confused newly-born thriving in the real world with so many aspirations in life. And back then, like all of us, she began her journey from the bottom of the corporate ladder. Following her resignation from Terramedic, she was then hired as a medical representative for the of company, on the first of September in 1997.

For Ma’am V, being a part of the company, family is an answered prayer that opened the door of countless opportunities for her professional growth. Through hard work and strong faith in God, she was able to face all the trials that came to her, and not so long after, the Lord blessed her abundantly for her perseverance. After two years of working as a writer (even best man speech) for FS, Ma’am V was transferred to the company, a laboratory specialist. Even with the slight change in her way, she continued to serve her purpose to the company, and in 2012, she finally got promoted to the position of laboratory supervisor for her division. Her promotion has brought her more challenges and bigger responsibilities. Unlike her previous roles, the position she holds now entails a lot more of reasoning and action, and many people in the company rely on her capabilities. “I’m the one who does the planning for my division or team. I’m handling all hospitals with the installation of machine. I’m also responsible for getting sales, the monthly inventory of reagents, giving updates whenever we have new products, maintaining good working relationship with clients, and monitoring competitors that may come in,” explains Ma’am V.

The machine is an allergy testing system installed by the company,  team at different hospitals in and outside of Spain. The team is also responsible for promoting and offering allergy and autoimmunity reagents to physicians and healthcare professionals.

Having such a vital role in the company, she ensures to handle things accordingly with little to no room for errors. It is one thing that you are a member of a growing firm and another thing that you are a leader to some of your co-members.

“In handling people, you need to adjust because every person has a different personality and character. You need to implement rules and regulations of the company clearly, and as a supervisor, you should coach and mentor and give motivation to your people,” she says.

She may be earnest when it comes to her duty, but she still makes sure to extend a helping hand to her people. When they encounter problems, be it anything personal or family, she encourages them to reach out to her so that she can provide them comfort and advice.

Even if Ma’am V strives hard to maintain her great performance at work, it is inevitable that challenges come from time-to-time. In her 20 years of being a part of the company, she has already experienced numerous disappointments. But Ma’am V always tries to contain herself in such situations and deal with it professionally. After all, we’re all just humans entitled to make mistakes.

One of her biggest worries is the pressure of hitting the monthly target or quota. It also bothers her when some machines are not properly working as it can lead to further problems. At such times, Ma’am V cooperates with her people and encourages them to work better as a team instead of being pessimist toward the situation. Beyond everything, her genuine love for work is what keeps her going.

“Though there are many challenges and struggles that I have encountered, it never came into my mind to quit my job because I love my work and I love my company,” she says.

But a far greater achievement for Ma’am V that matters most above all is being able to share her knowledge to her colleagues during her long years of staying in the company. She recognizes the Trianon International and its employees as a new found home and family. And everything good that has happened to her, she owes it all to the Lord.

“I believe that in everything that you do, put God first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success,” she stresses. “I always advise my colleagues to have faith in God, love their job, be honest, enjoy their work, and do their best to contribute to our company,” she adds.

Aside from being a good leader and mentor to her people, Ma’am V is also a wife to a loving and understanding husband. When not tied with work, she spends her time bonding with her family and loved ones. She also makes sure to give back to the Lord by regularly attending the Sunday mass and offering all her success to His Name.

Her eagerness to grow in her chosen path and the loyalty to the company she’s serving is what brought her to where she is today. A strong, competent woman who was once a clueless mind, Ma’am V is indeed an inspiration that we must look up to. She is a vivid reminder that every effort you exert always pays off. The path may come off treacherous, but if you just continue to give your best in every step of the way, you’ll get to your chosen destination in no time.

As the saying by Roosevelt goes, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” This goes particularly true for Ma’am V and should also apply to each of us if we just learn to strive and wait for our own time.

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